For over three decades, utilities have looked to DataVoice International to help them manage and mitigate outages, while enhancing customer service.

They trust our innovative, easy-to-use browser-based solutions for:

  • Operations Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Crew & Customer Mobile Access
  • VoIP IVR

These solutions give utilities the tools they need to ensure data accuracy, increase operational efficiency, and streamline communications.

Outage Management

Our Outage Management System allows utility companies of all kinds to track service interruptions from on platform. Plus, the solution easily integrates with most AMI, CIS, GIS and SCADA systems, giving users the power to go beyond simply isolating issues and restoring services.

Workforce Management

The DataVoice Mobile Workforce Management System, an extension of our OMS, offers field crews the real-time information they need to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The solution enables dispatchers to easily assign and manage outages, work and service orders, and pushes work queue updates to mobile users in the field, allowing them to make better decisions.

Crew & Customer Mobile Access

Our WorkPal and SmartCE mobile applications give crew members and customers access to essential online tools that streamline operations and improve service quality. With the WorkPal solution, field workers can easily communicate with management and dispatchers, and monitor key service metrics, all while on the go. The SmartCE application gives customers the ability to manage their accounts, report outages and communicate with utilities from anywhere.


The DataVoice IVR System supports analog, digital, T1 and Voice-over-IP integrations. Our automated customer service solutions provide account holders with accurate information and allow them to pay online, report service information and more. Additionally, DataVoice systems do not require customization, reducing software maintenance costs.

Mobile Ready

All DataVoice solutions are server-based, meaning users can access them from local and remote devices, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This allows service crews to access critical information in the field.

The DataVoice Advantage

Utilities across the country trust DataVoice to deliver products that hold up under pressure. Why?

Flexible system design

Our developers have been designing IVR applications for the utility industry for more than two decades. With each installation, we not only provide call-flow and scripting recommendations but also offer customization options so customers can adopt an IVR platform that fits their needs.


Start with any level of functionality and add modules or capacity as needed.


DataVoice software is flexible and option-driven, allowing utilities to choose how these tools best operate within their organizations.


With a 24-hour monitoring system to continually check system health and make sure utility customers have access, the problem is identified early or simply prevented.