Get Better Utility Customer Communication – with Less Employee Time Spent

Open lines of communication between utilities and their members are essential, contributing to customer satisfaction and effective operations in general. The best ways to create this high level of engagement, however, involve technology upgrades. Many utilities have fallen behind on keeping their IT profile up to date, and they may be missing out on opportunities … Continue reading “Get Better Utility Customer Communication – with Less Employee Time Spent”

How Can Utility Customers Report an Outage?

When there is a utility outage, it’s up to the responsible provider to restore power, water or gas as soon as possible. If there is an effective outage management system in place and clear lines of communication with members, the loss of service can be kept to a minimum. Many utilities, however, lack optimal tools … Continue reading “How Can Utility Customers Report an Outage?”

The importance of utility communications

Utilities have the potential to change their operations for the better through a careful application of new technology. This can take many forms, and as the momentum behind new deployments builds, organizations will likely find value in embracing multiple types of long-term upgrades at once, communication included. The latest advancements in the telecommunications field are … Continue reading “The importance of utility communications”

Customer Care Matters for Utilities: How Technology Helps

While the services utilities provide for their members are unique, these organizations are fundamentally companies like any other, with the same need to deliver customer care and satisfaction. Utilities that fail to provide a positive experience can end up fielding a large amount of complaints and pressure from the public. On the other hand, providers … Continue reading “Customer Care Matters for Utilities: How Technology Helps”

More Complex Power Grids Require Advanced Outage Management Tools

Today’s electrical utilities are stuck between two worlds, moving into a promising future while still burdened by legacy technology. Large numbers of new customers are signing up to receive power, and they want top-quality service that will equal what they are used to from other service providers. To deliver the expected level of responsiveness, however, … Continue reading “More Complex Power Grids Require Advanced Outage Management Tools”

Augmented reality and the utilities industry

Businesses worldwide are poised to devote hundreds of billions of dollars annually to one emerging innovation: augmented reality technology. Why such excitement? AR hardware and software drastically boost workplace efficiency and safety, and reduce the occurrence of error. Early adopters such as Boeing and Ford have experienced significant benefits — 90% first-time-quality improvements and product … Continue reading “Augmented reality and the utilities industry”

Update Tech Tools to Improve Response Times to Water Main Issues

Faced with aging infrastructure, water utilities must respond quickly and effectively to any sign of problems in their water mains. Staying with legacy communications systems may seem easier because of institutional inertia. However, in today’s connected and tech-focused utilities sector, there are better and more effective ways to connect people, with internal teams and customers … Continue reading “Update Tech Tools to Improve Response Times to Water Main Issues”

What utility solutions are best for your organization’s needs?

The steady march of technology has had an impact on every aspect of business and personal communications and interactions. The utility sector is no different from the rest of the world in this respect. From smartphone apps to web-based software and beyond, there are numerous advanced utility solutions that can improve a provider’s ability to … Continue reading “What utility solutions are best for your organization’s needs?”

Connect your whole utility workforce with mobile applications

Smart devices have connected people to a greater degree than ever before. If your utility staff members are still in contact exclusively via radios or other legacy technology and not harnessing the communication power of smartphones and tablets, they are missing out on the ability to share data more effectively and improve their performance accordingly. … Continue reading “Connect your whole utility workforce with mobile applications”

Woodruff Electric Cooperative Case Study

ABOUT: Woodruff Electric Cooperative manages approximately 4,500 miles of electrical distribution line in northeast Arkansas. Founded in 1937, the utility now serves more than 17,000 households in Cross, Lee, Monroe, Phillips, Prairie, St. Francis and Woodruff counties. CHALLENGES: Prior to collaborating with dataVoice International, Woodruff Electric Cooperative relied on its knowledgeable linemen to resolve outages. … Continue reading “Woodruff Electric Cooperative Case Study”