DataVoice has relied on EBlvd for remote support of Windows machines at customer sites for over a decade. Other remote management mechanisms have now taken its place, and we have discontinued use of EBlvd.

With EBlvd gone, it is now more important that the OpenVPN service on all DataVoice-supported systems remain running and connected. If that goes down, DataVoice tech support will need to work with your IT to restore the VPN connection before we can provide further support.

We do actively monitor the VPN links. We typically do not contact utilities immediately when a link goes down; short network interruptions are common. However, we will contact you if the VPN stays down for a lengthy period of time. Our goal is to have VPN problems resolved before you need them in place for support.

We will uninstall EBlvd over the next several weeks, and we greatly appreciate the help we have received from each of your IT departments in the past.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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