Efficient Meter Audits

The DataVoice Meter Audit Mobile App for Apple and Android provides real time critical information from AMI audits and field meter inspections.

It provides the highest level of data integrity and verification of a utility’s billing revenues, minimizing billing discrepancies.

Seamless Integration

The App enables mobile devices to perform field audits, correct GPS locations, complete on-the-spot assessments and transmit all gathered information back to the utility’s central location for related database updates.

The user friendly, configurable App utilizes a seamless back office and field integration through the DataVoice OMS and Work Force Management architecture.

Project Based

The DataVoice mobile Meter Audit App is Project based.  All operations such as meter audit dispatching, reporting, and visibility reporting are streamlined and linked together.

Projects allow app users to define project notifications such as due date and work item completions.

Utilities have the ability to:

  • Zoom to target geographic areas via a map viewer to create work orders which drive meter audit operations
  • Create a project or projects, which can be viewed in the back office and contain unlimited work orders (presented in book and sequence order).
  • Automatically or manually dispatch to a crew or individuals.
  • Provide real time updates via push notifications
  • DataVoice Brings Mobile Meter Auditing Apps To Aclara’s 2016 Client Conference
  • Optionally  authorize field technicians, in real time,  to complete work items
  • Automatically create a work item (service or work order) for each consumer

Come see our power Mobile Meter Audit App and Outage Management Solutions for the Utility Industry.

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More About DataVoice International

For over 25 years, utilities have depended upon DataVoice International to help manage and prevent outages while measurably enhancing customer service.

Our integrated utility solutions help utilities improve the accuracy of their data,  determine the extent and location of outages, while providing the most advanced tools to keep management, crews, and customers informed.

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