Utilities must bolster their operations to address an increase in outages.

More than 4.5 million American households temporarily lost electric service in major outages this year, according to data from the Energy Information Administration. Unfortunately, such events are expected to become more common over the next decade, as the population continues to grow and our aging infrastructure gives way. In fact, experts have already observed a significant increase in outages, Inside Energy reported. Between 2000 and 2014, monthly grid outages increased tenfold, skyrocketing from 2.5 disruption events per month to 21.7.

Utilities must bolster their operations to address this developing trend and ultimately keep their members happy. For many, this involves upgrading their critical technology. When widespread outages occur, most utilities move into “all-hands-on-deck” mode, calling in extra dispatchers and linemen to handle member requests. In these moments, outage management systems play an essential role, allowing employees at headquarters and in the field to pinpoint and deal with affected areas. However, not all of these platforms are created equal, meaning that some utilities are unable to see the full picture upon logging in.

Fortunately, more reliable options are available, including the DataVoice OMS. Utilities across the country use this solution to tackle major outages and quickly return power to members impacted by these events. Why?

“Utilities across the country use the DataVoice OMS to tackle major outages.”

Fast outage location
The DataVoice OMS integrates with advanced metering infrastructure systems and other internal platforms, leveraging their data to quickly identify and categorize outages. Additionally, the software runs continuously. As crews reconnect lines or new problems arise, the OMS updates to provide a real-time view of the situation.

Field connectivity
Linemen and others in the field can access the DataVoice OMS via mobile devices, streamline communication and drastically improving response times. This capability allows utilities to truly empower their field crews.

Effective member communication
The OMS comes equipped with communications tools that allow headquarters staff to easily connect with members and provide them with data-backed updates. The solution not only has email and social media notification options, but also integrates with the DataVoice interactive voice response system.

These features and a host of others make this OMS an innovative software solution. Utilities in need of new technology built to withstand the tough times ahead need look no further than DataVoice.

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