Utilities across the country use workforce management solutions to monitor their field crews and headquarters staff.

The average utility employs dozens of workers, many of whom spend much of their time out in the field serving members and maintaining essential electrical infrastructure. Consequently, salaries normally take up the largest portion of the budget – and for good reason. Despite the rise of outage management systems and other technology, the best, most responsive utilities still rely on people to get the job done. However, many organizations, including power providers, have a tough time keeping track of their workforces, and can end up mismanaging their personnel resources and ultimately losing money.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to this common sticking point: workforce management software. Utilities across the country use these software solutions to monitor their field crews and headquarters staff, according to Energy Central. Why?

“Workforce management systems boost productivity by an astonishing 30 percent.”

Increased work productivity
Utility managers have few options when it comes to tracking how field crews spend their time. Once linemen leave headquarters they’re free to roam as the please. Now, most simply don’t have the time to purposely slack off on the clock. But inefficiencies still crop up here and there. Workforce management systems give managers insight into field crew activities, allowing them to collect metrics on how linemen are deployed and look for cost-cutting opportunities. This leads to increased productivity, as crews are sent out only when necessary or given data on how best to navigate between field assignments. Overall, workforce management systems boost productivity by an astonishing 30 percent, according to data from Intel.

Improved field safety
Linemen spend a lot of time navigating their communities in service vehicles, an activity that can be dangerous even in the best road conditions. Workforce management systems directly address these risks with truck tracking software that allows managers to monitor service vehicles in real time. With this information, utilities can address recklessness and hopefully reduce the chance of serious accidents occurring.

Overall, workforce management systems provide essential insights that can help utilities operate more efficiently. DataVoice offers a robust workforce management solution built for power providers. The platform includes job and vehicle tracking and remote meter analysis tools. Want to learn more? Contact us today.

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