Outage Management Systems In The Utility Industry

Traditionally Outage Management Systems (OMS) in the Utility Industry is a computer system used by operators of electric distribution systems to assist in restoration of power.

Extreme weather events such as Hurricane Joaquin which dumped excessive rain South Carolina causing flooding throughout the state, demonstrated the importance of having a state-of-the art outage management system in place.

During any type of outage, especially major ones, utilities have to process information quickly from many sources.

They also need to make good decisions in real time and  communicate clearly.

Their communications must occur continuously on both an internal and external level.

Increasing Demand For Utilities to Integrate With Latest OMS

More than ever, utility customers/stakeholders are embracing mobile apps and handheld devices for their source of information as well as communication.

Knowing where the outages are isn’t enough to restore power quickly and satisfy customers/stakeholders.

While traditional outage management systems are essential to facilitate restoration management capability, utility customers and stakeholders are demanding more.

They are also demanding instant access to information and communications along with the most efficient and timely restoration of power.

This ever increasing demand requires utilities to continually adopt and integrate the latest OMS technologies for the strongest restoration performance.

Proving Strength, Value And Dependability
In All Types Of Outage Events

For the past 20 years DataVoice OMS and related integrated systems have continued to prove their strength, value and dependability time and time again.

DataVoice has continued building solutions which are battle provide, standing tall when utilities need them most.

From utilities where storms have wiped out the entire distribution system, to areas where damage is less widespread, DataVoice systems have been the key to effective outage and damage assessment.

The DataVoice systems have also assisted utilities with crew scheduling as well as updates to FEMA, regulatory agencies, social media and reporters.

Outage Reporting And Real-Time Status Updates With Mobile Apps

DataVoice executed a game-changing strategy with the introduction of mobile applications such as the PowerPal app which provides utility customers with anytime/anywhere access to information on their accounts.

PowerPal provides utility customers/members with instant access to real-time account and service interruption information.

Users who acquire the DataVoice Powerpal app have the ability to do the following tasks 24 hours a day:

1.  View Outage Map
2.  Report an Outage
3.  View Service Status
4.  View Notification History – last 20 notifications will be displayed
5.  Change My Settings – Add accounts to report an outage or receive outages

Note:  If you would like to receive more information or a no obligations demonstration of the PowerPal Application, call 888-DATAVOICE.

If you prefer send an email request to sales@DataVoiceint.com

Keeping Customers Informed During An Outage Event

PowerPal instantly reduces the number of inbound calls when outages or other events occur by sending Push Notification to all App users.

DataVoice  understands the importance of utilities keeping customers/members informed during any type of outage events.

Not only does it improve customer service, it reduces the working on all staff members while building trust and confidence with the customers/members.

DataVoice PowerPal App

PowerPal sends automatic notifications to customers/members for:

1.  Outage Notifications
2.  Change in Estimated Restore Times
3.  Outage Restoration notifications
4.  Delinquent Account Notifications
5.  Global Notification – Human Generated to ALL App users

More About DataVoice

DataVoice is a proven leader of state-of-the-art Outage Management Systems (OMS) in The Utility Industry.

For over 20 years, utilities have depended upon DataVoice International to help manage and prevent outages while measurable enhancing customer service.

Utilities trust the innovative and easy-to-use browser-based solutions for:

Outage Management
Work Force Management
GIS Solutions and Services
VoIP IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

For more information or a no obligation demonstration of the DataVoice OMS and related solutions, call 888-DATAVOICE or send an email request to sales@DataVoiceint.com

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