DataVoice International Embraces The MultiSpeak Initiative

DataVoice International embraces the MultiSpeak ® initiative along with other elite software vendors and integrators active in the utility industry.

The company also contributes their experience with developing Outage Management Systems (OMS) and Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) to helping to refine the MultiSpeak standard.

What Is MultiSpeak?

MultiSpeak is a specification / standard, funded by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)  which defines standardized interfaces among software applications commonly used by electric utilities.

MultiSpeak defines details of data which need to be exchanged between software applications in order to support different processes commonly applied at utilities.

Smart Grid Conceptual Reference Model

MultiSpeak was chosen by NIST as a key standard in the Operations area of the NIST Conceptual Model.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed a Smart Grid Conceptual Reference Model as part of its Smart Grid Standards Framework and Roadmap.

NIST has identified 42 standards to support this vision.

Most Widely Used Standard

The MultiSpeak Specification is the most widely applied de facto integration standard in North America pertaining to distribution utilities.

It’s currently in use in daily operations of more than 600 electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipals, and public power districts in at least 15 different countries.

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Three Components Of MultiSpeak Standard

MultiSpeak standard makes use of three components.

  • Definitions of common data semantics – It contains the details of data that need to be exchanged. Data semantics are documented in the form of an extensible markup language (XML) schema.
  • Definitions of message structure – It defines message structures to support the required data interchanges. Web services calls with specific structures are used for real time exchanges.
  • Definition of messages are required to support specific business process steps. This details the business process steps to accomplish the data.

Advantages Of MultiSpeak

For software and integration vendors MultiSpeak has the following advantages:

– Minimizes the need for developing multiple interfaces with other vendors’ software.
– Reduces time spent in developing and maintaining custom interfaces.
– Reduces interface development and maintenance efforts.
– Eliminates the need for custom interfaces, reducing complexity and time to market for new products.
– Standardizes integration ultimately reducing support headaches.
– Increases willingness of utilities to invest in new applications by minimizing integration problems.
– Provides the ability to actively influence the development of the MultiSpeak and related specifications.

More About DataVoice International

For over 25 years, utilities have depended upon DataVoice International to help manage and prevent outages while measurably enhancing customer service.

Our integrated utility solutions help utilities improve the accuracy of their data,  determine the extent and location of outages while providing the most advanced tools to keep management, crews, and customers informed.

Mobility Is Power.

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