Mobile-ready tools are essential. DataVoice offers a variety of customer service and system management tools that allow utility personnel to carry out key job duties no matter where they are.

Crews in the field have access to a number of essential mobile features, including a GPS-enabled damage assessment application that allows crews to take photographs of non-functioning fixtures via their devices.

Mobile Workforce Management

Our mobile workforce management system provides the real-time, easy-to-access information field crews need to get the job done as quickly as possible. The application is designed to handle service-related orders such as connects, disconnects, meter exchanges, general service orders, as well as work requests for general system maintenance.

Crew Application

This mobile-ready application allows field crews to harness the power of real-time outage data to serve customers in a timely fashion. With geospatial location technology, AVL integration and robust messaging features, this tool provides up-to-the-minute job updates and facilitates communication between dispatchers and lineman.

Damage Assessment Application

Utilities must respond quickly when storms roll in, and the dataVoice Damage Assessment application allows them to do just that. This map-based, mobile-ready software leverages GIS data to display damaged devices and offers communication channels that make it easy for field crews to report mangled electrical fixtures to dispatchers and utility managers. This, along with the photographic assessment feature, improves operational efficiency that makes it easy to comply with damage documentation processes required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other oversight organizations.