DataVoice Vehicle Tracking System

With automatic vehicle location integration, you can improve safety, significantly reduce outage response times and more effectively manage crews. The DataVoice AVL integration module enables you to monitor and track crews, providing vehicle location, speed and direction. Our solution also compiles historical reports.

Additionally, the system also tracks truck maintenance schedules and integrates with third-party AVL solutions and mobile units used in service vehicles, including those that rely on cell, radio and satellite service.


The DataVoice AVL solution provides a variety of vehicle readings, including:

  • Speeding vehicles: The system lists trucks that exceed preconfigured speeds.
  • Excess idle time: It compiles vehicles that see excessive idle time.
  • Off-shift and out-of-area use: Our AVL solution tells office personnel if vehicles are used outside of assigned areas.
  • Distance traveled: The system compiles vehicle milage.
  • Breadcrumb trail: With the DataVoice AVL solution, users can trace past vehicle routes.
  • Show near point: It enables staff to find vehicles based on their vicinity to points of interest.