WFMThe DataVoice Mobile Work Force Management System provides the essential, real-time information field crews need to do their jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

WFM is a key component of our robust Interruption Management and Mapping System, which is designed to assign and manage outages and service orders. The system also provides mobile users instant access to facility and consumer data that empowers them to make better decisions.

Our WFM module provides the following features:

  1. Job Time Tracking and Crew Management: This feature allows users to assign jobs – for example, outages or service orders – to a single crew or multiple crews and monitor the status of each open job. Users also have the ability to dynamically assemble in-house and contract crews, assign job priorities, manage job queues and track detailed completion timelines. Plus, back-office personnel can use its timesheet tab to track travel and on-the job time, breaks and other scheduled periods.
  2. Vehicle Tracking: Our automatic vehicle location integration module allows utility providers to monitor and track the location, direction and speed of crews and view historical reports of prior locations, speed and idle time.
  3. Mobile Media Attachments: The Mobile Media Attachments module allows crews to attach images such as damaged equipment while on the job. Images are instantly uploaded to the back office.
  4. Remote Meter Status Checks: The system also enables crews to proactively poll meters and check disconnect statuses without stepping foot outside their vehicles.

Our WFM module acts as a unified dispatching platform across multiple applications. Using our Work Force Management solution can increase customer satisfaction, reduce labor costs and improve productivity. If you’d like to learn more about how our WFM feature can improve your utility,  contact us.