With this platform, utilities can implement automated services that allow customers to access account information, make online payments and report service interruptions.

The solution also provides outbound notifications to distribute automated callbacks, delinquent account reminders, prepay notices and planned outage notifications. Plus, it integrates with common analog, digital, T1 and VoIP systems.


Our IVR comes equipped with a variety of essential features, including:

  • Conversational, multilingual and text-to-speech capabilities.
  • ƒ Browser-based administration and reporting tools.
  • ƒ Administrative dashboards highlighting payment and peak usage trends.
  • ƒ Session initiation protocol-compliant VoIP.
  • ƒ Twenty-four-hour system monitoring.


The DataVoice IVR platform offers a number of capabilities to both utilities and the customers they serve, including:

  • Automated outage reporting.
  • Storm mode that allows users to change call-handling procedures quickly.
  • Storm alerts.
  • Automated employee and crew notifications.
  • Marketing tools.
  • Delinquent call reminders.
  • Easy-to-access account information.
  • Automated credit card or electronic check payment options.
  • Automated callbacks, email or text notifications.
  • Prepay and planned outage notifications.

Emergency IVR

DataVoice offers emergency support during a major storm. With a single phone call to Support, the utilities IVR lines can be increased to accommodate the emergency based on the capability of the utilities phone system.