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When a storm hits and the lights go out, utilities know that it’s only a matter of time before their customers come calling, demanding to know what happened and when the power will come back on. In this situation, saving time and gathering accurate information about the outage can mean the difference between a quick resolution that makes customers happy and an extended outage that costs thousands. dataVoice International’s integrated utility management systems give utilities the tools they need to reliably and quickly serve their customers while cutting back on their own workloads by using accurate data to map outages, track their vehicles, communicate with workers and interact with customers. When time is of the essence and knowledge is quite literally power, reliable integrated systems from dataVoice International give utilities the edge.

Outage Reporting/Notification Trends from 2018

  • Websites: 4,979,824


  • IVR: 4,930,430


  • Text: 329,071


  • Mobile Apps: 318,234


These are statistics from a utility that provides multiple ways to report outages and receive notifications.

The dataVoice International integrated outage management system gives utilities of all sizes the power to map outage events, connect with customers and coordinate with field teams. Proactive notification features keep everyone updated in real time, reducing call center volumes during big outages. And the solution leverages robust analytics tools that allow utilities to predict outages and improve system reliability. In all, the dataVoice OMS lays the groundwork for efficient and effective field operations and, by extension, customer or member satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about our weather-tested OMS suite.

Our solutions

Here at dataVoice, we build mobile software solutions that provide staff and work crews with the tools they need to minimize the impact of unforeseeable technical issues or inclement weather.

Outage Management Solutions Allows utilities to better manage, predict and prevent outages while measurably enhancing customer service. Learn More
Interactive Voice Response Automates key customer service tasks by making it simple and convenient for customers to access account information, pay by credit card, request extensions, check meter readings and more. Learn More
Automatic Vehicle Tracking Improves safety, significantly reduces outage response times, and allows managers to more effectively direct their crews. Learn More

Meter Analysis (AMI) Enables utilities to leverage meter data to better analyze and manage power problems, saving them time and money, and facilitating quality customer service. Learn More
Work Force Management System Provides real-time communication between managers and field crews to ensure jobs get done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn More
GIS Solutions and Services Gives utilities a full suite of web-based mobile field applications that integrate with their current GIS solutions to maximize geometric network activity. Learn More
Mobile Application Suite Brings utilities into the mobile age, allowing them to deliver real-time updates to customers on account and outage information, while facilitating easy payments through a mobile device. Learn More