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For utilities, storms come in two’s. The first is the adverse weather that knocks fuses, lines, and transformers offline and forces utilities to scramble their workforces to fix them. The second is the whirlwind of calls utilities get when their customers want to know why the power is out and when they can expect it back on.

Timely repairs and crystal clear communication with customers is of the utmost importance for utilities that want to weather these storms. With an array of cutting-edge, mobile-ready solutions, such as GIS, OMS and IVR systems.

DataVoice International’s integrated utility management systems make it easy to quickly and easily predict and manage outages while reliably communicating with customers and linemen alike.

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DataVoice is part of Harris Utilities group of companies.

Since 1976, Harris Utilities has been a trusted source for robust, feature-rich turnkey software solutions that help utilities improve customer service and increase financial performance and operational efficiency.
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