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IVRDesktop appText SMS
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Customer IVR, web and mobile access

In today’s technology-driven culture, service providers must adopt advanced customer engagement tools that provide up-to-the-minute outage information via connected devices. These innovations not only keep customers informed and happy but also streamline utility operations by reducing incoming call volumes.

Web Outage Reporting and Maps

DataVoice’s Customer Facing Outage Application allows customers and members to view real-time outage information via Google maps. With the map display, the utility has the option of using substation and feeder boundaries to display a general location of the outages, device marker, or circular icons to show the true location of the device failure. When displaying the outage via a device marker, the utility can select the level of detail they would like the consumer to see.

Text Messaging

The DataVoice text messaging portal allows users to enroll for text-message communications services. Customers can receive notifications for planned and unexpected outages, restoration updates and more.

With the text messaging portal, utilities can configure branded sign-up pages for customers and take advantage of an instantaneous enrollment system.

Mobile App

With the SmartCE mobile application customers can access account information, make payments and report outages on the go via Android and Apple devices.


With this platform, utilities can implement automated services that allow customers to access account information, make online payments and report service interruptions.

The solution also provides outbound notifications to distribute automated callbacks, delinquent account reminders, prepay notices and planned outage notifications. Plus, it integrates with common analog, digital, T1 and VoIP systems.

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