Oct 30, 2017



DataVoice Client Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did DataVoice select Harris Computer?

A: DataVoice is successful because of the longstanding commitment to its clients and employees. Knowing that Harris has a long and successful history of keeping companies running smoothly was a key factor in their selection of Harris. Harris offers DataVoice and its valued clients the high quality management and long-term financial stability necessary for DataVoice’s ongoing support, services, growth, and innovation. This change provides assurance for our enduring stability and the continuation of the DataVoice product line for many years to come.

Q: Why did Harris Computer acquire DataVoice?

A: The primary reasons that Harris acquired DataVoice are:

  1. DataVoice clients. The loyal, long-term clients and partners who are invested in DataVoice can now rely on Harris to work with you in understanding the challenges and changes going on in your world. Harris sees great value in these relationships and the partnerships that have been created over the years. You are valuable partners who we will share mutual success with for many years to come.
  2. DataVoice employees. They are dedicated, loyal, experienced and have tremendous knowledge. As a software company, Harris knows that our value is derived from our employees — they create the solutions and deliver the support and services necessary to build and grow great, long-term relationships.
  3. DataVoice solutions. DataVoice’s software portfolio is proven, reliable, stable, feature-rich and supports the Harris goal of enabling our clients to better serve their customers. We firmly believe that DataVoice provides us with a great foundation for future growth in mission critical software.

Q: Why is the DataVoice acquisition good for me?

A: There are many reasons why you should be excited about our merger with DataVoice, including:

  1. As part of a financially secure and publicly traded company, Harris delivers long-term confidence and stability for all DataVoice clients for decades to come.
  2. Harris does not sell or divest the businesses it acquires — so DataVoice, its employees and clients have a permanent home with Harris.
  3. Harris is committed to our clients for the long haul.
  4. The size and scale of Harris and its parent Constellation Software provides a solid foundation for future expansion and growth.

Q: Who is Harris Computer?

A: Harris is a software company focused on providing software solutions that empower people who serve their communities. We currently do this in utilities, local government, schools, public safety, and healthcare. We are a company focused on enabling our clients to deliver essential services, safety and care to the citizens they serve. For more information on Harris please visit our website at http://www.harriscomputer.com.

Q: Will Harris Computer stop selling or supporting any existing DataVoice products?

A: No.  All products will continue to be offered and supported. We do not anticipate any product strategy changes; we are committed to the existing product roadmaps as well as all client commitments.

Q: If I have a current implementation or project in progress.  Will this change impact me?

A: No.  DataVoice’s implementation and project resources will continue. Your project contacts remain the same, so please feel free to reach out and talk to them. There are no changes to our timelines or commitments as a result of the acquisition.

Q: Will I be forced to upgrade or change my software application?

A: No.  Harris will continue to develop, sell, implement, and support your existing DataVoice solutions. We will meet all contractual commitments and continue working in a manner that supports our existing long-term relationship and your continued success.

Q: Does anything change with access to support?

A: No.  Please continue to contact support in the same way you always have and expect to receive the same great service from our knowledgeable staff of dedicated and experienced employees.

Q: Will there be any change to my contractual relationship with DataVoice?

A: No.  The acquisition does not require any assignment or transfer of any contracts – it is business as usual for DataVoice and its many clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and ask any questions that you may have. Harris and DataVoice are committed to your success and continued partnership. We look forward to working together and building upon our relationship for many years to come.

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