Oct 17, 2017



Harris Group Acquires Datavoice International

MCKINNEY, Texas – Oct. 17, 2017 – The Harris Utilities Group, a leading provider of advanced enterprise software solutions, has acquired utility systems innovator DataVoice International. This deal allows Harris to bolster its field operations product offering while lending DataVoice additional organizational infrastructure.

Harris, founded in Ontario, Canada in 1976,  provides a wide range of solutions that meet the rapidly evolving needs of electric, water and gas utilities throughout North America and the Caribbean. The company hopes to leverage DataVoice’s world-class technology to provide an all-encompassing, enterprise solution.

“Owning all of the software in the truck is the last frontier for the field service market,” Brad Atchison, senior executive vice president of the newly formed Harris Utility Solutions, the internal division handling the acquisition and overseeing DataVoice, explained. “This allows us to have a best-of-breed approach to the product suite but all under one umbrella.”

“Competitively we have superior products across the board. Owning all the software is a great move for all of us. The integration we can bring to the table is astounding – there’s just so much data,” Atchison said.

For DataVoice, the move facilitates further growth, giving the cutting-edge software provider the power to serve more customers in more regions.

“This acquisition provides DataVoice will an excellent opportunity to expand our integrations into many new product lines,” Denna Sandoval, vice president of sales for DataVoice, explained. “We are excited about the opportunities it provides for the entire Harris family.”

“Although DataVoice is joining the Harris family, it will continue to operate autonomously, meaning that clients will receive the same service they have come to expect from us,” she continued.

About the Harris Group:

Since 1976, Harris Utilities has been a trusted source for robust, feature-rich turnkey solutions that help utilities improve customer service and increase financial performance and operational efficiency. A financially strong, growing and stable company, Harris provides leadership within its markets, commitment and integrity to its customers and employees and steady returns to its shareholders.

About DataVoice International:

For over 25 years, utilities have depended upon DataVoice International to help manage and prevent outages while measurably enhancing customer service. Our integrated utility solutions help utilities improve the accuracy of their data, determining the extent and location of outages while providing the most advanced tools to keep management, crews and customers informed.

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