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Wilson Energy is the fourth-largest municipal electric system in North Carolina, safely providing reliable electric service at the lowest reasonable cost, with exceptional customer service in an environmentally responsible manner for the citizens of the City of Wilson, Wilson County, and portions of six surrounding counties.


Prior to forming a partnership with DataVoice International, Wilson Energy depended upon paper-based processes. These methods grew more inefficient as time passed. In 2007, the organization elected to modernize and began the search for workable outage management technology.

 “We were looking for a system that would help us improve efficiency and manage outages more effectively,” Casey Boyette, lead technical services representative for Wilson Energy, explained.


Wilson Energy quickly connected with DataVoice and explored its weather-tested outage management solution. The utility company was impressed with the system and greenlit implementation. However, the OMS installation was only the beginning.

After adopting this product, Wilson Energy went on to implement a host of other DataVoice offerings, including the automatic vehicle location, workforce management, customer and linemen applications. The utility launched the latter solution this past November and distributed tablets to field service teams.

 “One of our linemen actually initiated the conversation about deploying a mobile field application,” Boyette said. “He wanted to move away from paperwork and implement something digital so that he and his fellow electrical workers could have more information in the field.”

Wilson Energy also took advantage of the advanced metering infrastructure integration features that accompany the DataVoice OMS, and upgraded its entire metering infrastructure. 

 “The thing I appreciate most about DataVoice is the customer support. They are willing to do anything they can to meet the specific needs of our utility.”

Casey Boyette, Lead Technical Services Representative, Wilson Energy


The introduction of the DataVoice OMS immediately improved operations, facilitating heightened efficiency and productivity. The mobile application had a similar effect, according to Boyette.

 “Prior to adopting the application we were managing paper work orders, meaning most crews operated on a one-day delay - at minimum, we had a 24-hour turnaround,” he explained.  “Now, because we are able to immediately enter work orders and have them instantly populate on the application, we can now handle minor issues the same day they crop up.”

Boyette also noted that the customer application, which Wilson Energy offers to key accounts, has drastically improved the utility’s service capabilities. With this option in place, the utility company can funnel important outage information to important customers and keep them updated as service crews deploy into the field.

“When we are dealing with large-scale outage situations, it can be difficult to address these accounts in a timely manner,” Boyette said. “The application takes this task out of our hands. 

As soon as we enter an outages, notifications go out to key accounts. This also allows the staff at Wilson Energy who manage these customers to make contact and let them know that we are aware of the situation and taking steps to get power restored.”

Together, these solutions have transformed the utility, enabling it to meet the expectations of modern customers and more effectively address outage events. Of course, the partnership between Wilson Energy and DataVoice does not stop at the application level. The technical and operational specialists at the software firm continue to provide assistance.

 “The thing I appreciate most about DataVoice is the customer support,” Boyette said. “They are willing to do anything they can to meet the specific needs of our utility.”

With more deployments in the works, Wilson Energy stands poised to continue its strong, decade-long relationship with DataVoice and, ultimately, keep the innovation coming.

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