We can publish geometric network connectivity models for our outage management system using AutoCAD, EA, ESRI, MicroStation and other GIS data formats. DataVoice also offers a wide range of GIS services and solutions:

  • Mobile ESRI, GIS and asset management solutions: We provide the most complete mobile utility management software suit on the market today. With our products you can edit GIS data in the field and at the central office. Plus, all data is maintained in an ESRI ArcGIS server environment, meaning you can access your information with other third-party applications.
  • Integration with AutoCAD, EA, ESRI, MicroStation and other GIS solutions: With the DataVoice GIS Publisher and Network Evaluator you can integrate your current GIS solution for maximum geometric network activity. This will allow you to identify and correct geospatial connectivity issues and ensure GIS accuracy.
  • GIS Publisher: This tool enables you to quickly generate maps with GIS-level detail and automatically copies and converts GIS data to our proprietary data format, Geospatial Operations System. Using this information, GIS Publisher then generates a map and displays system connectivity readings.
  • Network Evaluator: Network Evaluator uses ESRI drawings to follow electrical flow throughout system grids. As a result, you can easily identify problem areas and perform switching operations if necessary. Plus, the solution includes ESRI and GIS extensions so you can use the Map Viewer to pinpoint specific locations and zoom in for more detail.
  • Engineering analysis export: This tool works with our GIS Publisher to provide an updated EA model with connectivity consumer and meter point connectivity data. Using this model, your engineering analysis system can accurately calculate load flow.
  • Map Viewer: The DataVoice Map Viewer leverages GIS Publisher and Network Evaluator to provide browser-based maps that display outages, meter statuses, crew locations and other important data. By adding Map Viewer to your current data analysis toolkit, you can maximize network visibility without having to purchase additional GIS viewer licenses.

Interested in improving the accuracy of your current GIS system? Email us or call 888-DATAVOICE to schedule a demo or request more detailed information.