Our voice over IP solution leverages interactive voice response, text-to-speech and speech-recognition to keep your members informed and simplify their service experience.

With the dataVoice IVR platform, they can access account information, make automated payments or report problems. In addition to these inbound IVR capabilities, the solution offers outbound notification services. Plus, it integrates with other analog, digital, PRI/T-1 PBX and VolP systems. Additionally, our solution can transfer urgent customer calls to on-duty personnel and provide automated, real-time updates when agents aren’t available.

The dataVoice IVR system includes a number of key modules, including:

Outage reporting and notifications

  • Automated outage reporting: When a member calls to report an outage, our IVR system identifies them, cross-checks your internal database and informs them of outages that may impact their area. The solution can also offer projected restoration times. This module eases the burden on your support staff and leaves members satisfied.
  • Power restoration notifications: The dataVoice IVR solution can automatically call, email or text members once power has been restored.
  • Employee notifications: You can configure our IVR solution so that it notifies select employees when an all-hands-on-deck situation arises. If certain notified personnel are unavailable, they can simply let operations know with a reply.
  • Planned outage notifications: If you need to disconnect power for routine maintenance, you can use the IVR system to notify affected members. Plus, you won’t need to search a service map to build your notification list. The solution will automatically search system data and create a roster for you.

Automated Customer Service Solutions

  • Caller ID: Our IVR solution automatically identifies callers and retrieves applicable member information, meaning callers won’t have to dig through old bill to find their account numbers.
  • Account inquiry: The system provides balance,billing and payment information and includes a member-facing portal with real-time account information.
  • Extension requests: With the dataVoice IVR solution, you can easily access member data when making decisions on extension requests.
  • Meter reading entry: The system automatically weighs meter readings against account data for reasonable billing.
  • Delinquent account calling: Our solution politely informs members when payments are past due.
  • Check, credit and debit card payments: With the IVR system, you can offer an array of online payment options.
  • Priority account call handling: The solution uses its caller ID capabilities to pinpoint callers that appear on priority account lists and routes them to available service personnel or other employees.
  • Critical load management: Our IVR system automatically notifies contract users nearing service thresholds subject to increased charges.
  • Service order inquiries: The system offers automated service order statuses so as to cut back on wasted phone time.
  • Call out: The dataVoice IVR solution informs customers of planned outages via its automated calling system.